some of our excellent products :

01. Tube Filling Machine

02. Cartoning Machine

03. Auto Carton Labelling & Coding Machine

About Us

Innovative Packaging for Industry and Industrial Supplies

V i s s i o n and M i s s i o n

Etracopack comes with a vision to possess a remarkable position in the Indonesia market.

The main aim of the company lies in meeting the needs of its prestigious clients.

The customized solutions offered by the company are of superior quality satisfying its customers with a quality based service.

O u r M o t t o

Our GOAL is to meet customer expectations and our TARGET is to go beyond customer expectations.

Quality - is our priority and would reflect in our work, our products and all our interactions.

For Sale

Technical specifications:

• Model : Vertical Form Fill and Seal Packaging Machine

• Filling System : Weighing : Auger ; OR Volumetric system

•(depend on product characteristic)

• For Bag Weight : 1000 gr.

• Integrate with Conveyor System

•Specifications subject to change

according customers need


Coding Machine Water Based.(Ex. USA)

We are not only sell the coding machine, but also expert to integrate to your existing machine (carton sealer, case packer, and conveyor) and provide software for easy data recording (time and counter)